Automed Livestock Medication

World Leading Medication Delivery

automed is a comprehensive system designed to provide solutions to challenges surrounding compliance and traceability for the intensive livestock industry. Not solely focused for helping on the farm, the automed system will allow pharmaceutical companies and customers along the supply chain to also benefit from key features created to bring more reliability, accuracy and efficiency across the industry.

The automed applicator (pictured right) is a self-adjusting medication applicator for livestock. The applicator is designed for ease-of-use and efficiency. It automatically records data, making manual input a thing of the past. The applicator will connect, receive and transfer data between a mobile device and a networked system, where the information is then stored for data security and retention.

How did we Help?

The Patent Co was engaged by automed to investigate, prepare and file patent applications to protect the medication delivery device, the adaptor, the system and related methods. The Patent Co worked with automed to identify the commercial aspects to protect and then pursued a protection program to ensure a long term market advantage. The invention is covered by numerous Australian and International Patent Applications including PCT/AU2015/050832 entitled “DELIVERY APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHODS”.