Aerolens Drone Imaging

A World-First Data Capture System

Virtual World Tower Management uses drones to capture high-resolution images of a tower and form a 3D model. Using a patent-pending flight pattern, global drone operator Aerolens, captures thousands of photos of a tower with billions of geo tags to create a highly detailed virtual world of your tower environment.

The method allows inspection of the details of tower or infrastructure assets to the millimetre and allows manipulations of  the generated model to change the viewing aspect, modify the fixtures and simulate alternate environments. In just two hours, capture an up-to-date representation of a tower as it stands today. No other tower data capture process is as fast, effective and safe.

How did we Help?

The Patent Co was engaged by Aerolens to investigate, prepare and file a patent application to protect a new tower/infrastructure mapping procedure. The Patent Co performed strategic searching to identify patentable aspects and worked with Aerolens in an ideation process to expand on the invention. The invention is covered by Australian provisional patent application no. 2016904578 entitled “Method and System for Collection of Photographic Data”.