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May 24, 2016

Steps to Patenting an Idea

We are often asked  – what are the steps to patenting an idea? To help out budding inventors – we have put together a list of some of the most basic steps to patenting an idea. Step 1. Check if your idea is new? To obtain a patent your idea will need to be novel and […]

Patenting Basics
December 8, 2015

Tips and Traps for Inventors

Being Patent Attorneys we have been privileged to work with some of Australia’s best inventors ranging from sole inventors and those working in start ups, to those working for large multinational companies. These inventors have given us insight into a series of helpful tips and traps for new, and sometimes seasoned, inventors, in particular, when […]

Patenting Basics
December 8, 2014

Do you need a patent attorney?

An interesting question that comes up from time-to-time is: Do you need a patent attorney to draft and file a patent? This question is usually from ill-informed first-time inventors and sometimes quite well educated professionals such as engineers who believe they can navigate the patent system alone. A quick Google search seems to present a number […]

Patenting Basics
July 27, 2014

Patent an Idea?

We receive many phone calls from Australian inventors who would like to patent an idea. In fact, more-and-more of the general public has come to believe that you can patent an idea. This is mainly due to the explosion of misleading websites offering people to protect or patent an idea. But – can you really […]

Patenting Basics
July 8, 2014

Why you need a Patent Search? Do I need a Patent Search?

Ok – so I’m frustrated – one of my favourite Clients’ just found out most of what we were hoping were the patentable aspects of their invention have been done before. I’m frustrated because I had advised and repeatedly warned they should conduct at least a basic patent search before filing their complete patent (which […]

Patenting Basics
May 31, 2014

Why you should beware of Innovation Patents

As a Patent Attorney, it is alarming to see Australian inventors simply giving their inventions away via the innovation patent system without any hope of achieving enforceable and commercially useful patent rights. We have had a number of new Clients who have come to us after “self-filing” their own innovation patent application. In all of […]

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January 3, 2014

Patenting Invention Idea Australia

Patenting? So you have invented something or have an invention idea? What next? We are putting together a series of brief “patenting basics” articles that cover the key questions most inventors face when deciding whether to proceed with patenting their invention ideas. The questions we will be considering are: Should you Obtain a Patent? Can […]

Patenting Basics