About Us

The Patent Co provides world-class patent services in a modern & efficient business structure. This allows us to deliver cutting edge patent law services at competitive fixed costs.

In the modern global business environment you really need the very best advice, especially in relation to patents and intellectual property. Increasingly, the value of businesses and success of inventors is defined by the quality and breath of the patent and related intellectual property rights. However, we also appreciate that costs are important too, in particular for small companies, start-ups and inventors. The Patent Co was specifically developed to walk this line – absolute world-class advice and service – but, keeping fees fixed to agreed competitive rates.

Why Us?

Patents are not created equal. We have a unique creative and technical specialised approach that results patents being granted, enforceable and being of commercial value. We are often the firm to which inventors and companies turn for difficult and high value patent cases – we have been successful where others have failed. The Patent Co will always deliver world-class patent services and will do so in an honest, personalised and cost effective way that we believe Australian inventors and business deserve.

  1. Personalised Service

    We offer a highly personalised approach. We take the time to get to know you, your business and, most importantly, your invention.

  2. Legal & Technical Excellence

    Our service starts with top tier legal knowledge in connection with a deep contemporary technical knowledge

  3. Creative Input

    The Patent Co provides a unique and creative approach to patent drafting that expands your rights and significantly increases the success of patents being granted, enforceable and commercially relevant.

  4. Cost Effective Value

    We deliver “value” to our Clients via finely crafted patents delivered in the most efficient manner

  5. Commercialisation

    Commercialisation advice is part of what we do in every day practice (and not some “add-on” service). We actively look for funding and market opportunities for our Clients’.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to deliver world-class patent and related intellectual property services that make a real difference to Australian and international inventors and companies. We make a difference by drafting creative and truly clever patents, providing commercial and strategic advice and ensuring that any patents and  intellectual property rights are in tune with commercial aspirations and global technical and market trends. Our core values are world-class service, trust, personalised service, creativity and value.

We believe that inventions protected by well crafted and strategically filed patents have greater success in the market place by encouraging investment and securing market share.

The Patent Co Sydney
Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Andrew Caska
Patent Attorney & Group Director
Andrew is a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney as well as a Professional Mechanical & Space Systems Engineer. (Click on the photo above to learn more about Andrew).
Claire Laurent
IP Manager
Claire is our group IP Manager and assists with patent, trade mark and design filings. (Click on the photo above to learn more about Claire)

What They Are Saying

We highly recommended Andrew Caska to anyone looking for a professional patent attorney. Right from the first phone call to Andrew we instantly felt comfortable talking to him on the phone and confident of his knowledge and experience in the industry. We changed patent attorney's after this phone call.Andrew and his team are amazing and the communication in person/phone and email was exceptional which is very very important.Andrew had a short timeframe to lodge our international patent which was quite in depth and we are extremely happy with the outcome.We look forward to continuing our business with The Patent Co in the future.

Jess Geosits - Inventor, Medical Technology

We highly recommend Andrew Caska as a Patent Attorney. Our experience working with him on filing our patent was excellent. Some key areas that impressed us were: he was very accessible and he returned phone calls promptly, he took immediate action and filed our patent within the requested time frame, he was able to take our very complex platform and synthesize it into a manageable document and he stayed within his quoted price.

Tanya Harris and Janice Whiting, D - Directors, ICOM4 Pty Ltd icom4.co

Andrew Caska has been more than supportive in protecting Davoodi Pty Ltd IP for the agricultural industry. In working with Andrew we have developed a clear IP strategy for patents and trademarks for our products, for the Australian market and the international market. We are more than happy with their dedication and level of service and would recommend them to any small or large organisation

David Edwards - Managing Director www.davoodi.com.au

I have been greatly helped by Andrew Caska's prompt attention to my patent application. His business and engineering expertise enabled him to pick up the nuance of difference in the invention and application and to properly include in the application a greater range of behaviour than would have been possible if the invention was simply taken at face value. That is, his understanding of the intent of the application meant he was able to describe its purpose and attributes in such a manner that it showed greater detail and more breadth than the specification provided to him.

Andrew Macpherson - Inventor & Director of Macpherson Greenleaf Lawyers www.macphersongreenleaf.com/about