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Patent Drafting, Filing & Prosecution

We are specialists in the drafting (writing) of patent specifications suitable to be filed in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. We file and prosecute patent applications (respond to Examination Reports) in Australia and New Zealand. We also enforce granted patent rights in Australia and New Zealand.

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Direct & National Phase Entry in Australia & NZ

We assist overseas companies and inventors to secure patent rights in Australia and New Zealand. We file direct (convention) applications and National Phase Entry applications. If you would like to file National Phase Entry please email (or use the contact form below) to send your PCT number and we will be in touch to arrange filing.

Australian & NZ Filing Requirements

IP Protection including Designs & Trade Marks

We are Intellectual Property “IP” Specialist and can assist with a wide variety of IP rights including trade marks and registered designs. Trade marks are used to protect brand names and logos, whilst registered designs are used to protect the appearance of new products. We file trade marks & designs in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally.

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Registered Patent Attorneys
  • Patent Drafting & Filing
  • Engineering, Tech, Software & Medical
  • Funding, Marketing and Product Designers
Online or In-Person
  • Online Australia & NZ wide
  • In-person in Sydney or Newcastle
  • Other Capital Cities by Appointment
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  • Australian & Foreign Companies
  • Individual Inventors & Startups
  • Australian & Foreign Law Firms
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Personalised Service

Every invention & inventor is unique. Deal direct with your Patent Attorney.


Fixed Fees

We provide you with a clear scope of work and fixed quote. No charges for a chat or catch up email.


Expert Patent Attorneys

Patents is what we do – all day, everyday. We make sure that each patent is uniquely crafted to offer the broadest protection.

Andrew Caska
Patent Attorney & Group Director
Andrew is a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney as well as a Professional Mechanical & Space Systems Engineer. (Click on the photo above to learn more about Andrew).
Recognised Leaders in Patent Law

Awarded Patent Attorneys

Andrew Caska of The Patent Co was awarded Australian IP Practitioner of the Year - 2016.
Our Patent Attorneys are Technical Specialists

A Patent Attorney that Understands Your Industry

Engineering, Construction & Mining

We specialise in engineering, construction and mining technology. We work for some of Australia’s most innovative engineering and mining companies.

Consumer Products & High Technology

We have experience in the patent protection of consumer products ranging from simple mechanical goods right through to complex flying machines.

Renewable Energy & Smart Systems

We have technical expertise in renewable energy, smart systems and clean technology.

Medical & Health Technology

We have experience in the medical, health and veterinary technology. We work with some of Australia’s most innovative health and agriculture technology companies.

Inventions with Strategic IP Protection

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Tips & Tricks for Inventors

Patent News

12 Feb 17
Wondering about the Bonds Wondersuit?

As an expectant parent I have been frequenting numerous baby shops to inspect the dazzling array of baby products.  I can tell you – this is a whole new world of bits and pieces – and the engineering behind some of the items such as strol...

24 May 16
Steps to Patenting an Idea

We are often asked  – what are the steps to patenting an idea? To help out budding inventors – we have put together a list of some of the most basic steps to patenting an idea. Step 1. Check if your idea is new? To obtain a patent your id...

08 Dec 15
Tips and Traps for Inventors

Being Patent Attorneys we have been privileged to work with some of Australia’s best inventors ranging from sole inventors and those working in start ups, to those working for large multinational companies. These inventors have given us insight...

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Common Questions?

  1. In a nutshell, what does The Patent Co do?

    We write (known as drafting) patent specifications and then file these with IP Australia or overseas Patent Offices.

  2. Are you Patent Lawyers?

    We are actually registered Patent Attorneys which is a very specialised qualification (combining patent law and engineering) that enables us to draft patent specification and advise in detail on patent law. In fact, a normal lawyer (even a patent lawyer) is prohibited from drafting patent specifications. As patent attorneys all discussions with The Patent Co are covered by Federal confidentially laws.

  3. What else does The Patent Co do?

    We handle a wide range of intellectual property matters including patent, trade marks, designs and confidential information. We also advise on IP driven innovation strategy and assist with research and development, funding and grants.

  4. How much does a Patent Cost?

    The first step of the patent process, typically a provisional patent application, starts from around $3,000 (inc. GST & Gov’t Fees). We offer competitive fixed fees that we believe are the best “value” available. Please get in touch for a complementary discussion in which we will provide you with a quote for your specific invention.

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